Francesco Ballato, former known under the name „Fran-G“, which he still uses for his art works, has been an active part of Basel’s nightlife since nearly two decades so far. Back in 2000, he began hosting parties in cozy clubs, as well as performing regularly as a DJ. Since then his career never lost momentum. By co-organizing events like „tek-lounge“ or TONSTAU (2004-2009) with international line-ups and building his own afterhour series at „Le Saxo“ (2010-2016) in Basel called „conaction“, his musical talent and especially his deep sense for percussive rhythms and catching this special vibe, led his name to be known across borders.


Based on his excellent mixing skills, he got a profound feeling for the groove inside. The love for vinyl encourages the wide spectrum of his musical knowledge and leads him to create unique sets between minimal, house and techno. Besides playing regularly at clubs in and around Basel, he also became a frequently booked guest into the clubs of Berlin, with a residency at the „foreplay“ event series at +4 Bar + Globus, Tresor Club (2011-2013) and gigs at ://about blank, Chalet, Golden Gate and Crack Bellmer. Further he played in cities like Wien, Zürich, Strasbourg and Hamburg.


Since 2005, he worked eagerly on his own productions in a constantly growing studio and got his first release by winning a Remix Contest in September 2010. Further releases followed on labels like Schallbox, Symbiostic, Electrophil Rec., Olabel Rec. and Prittporn Rec.


Again driven by his deep love for wax, he launched his own vinyl only imprint Questo?! Music in 2012, releasing fresh versatile grooves, presented as an interplay of electronic sounds with artists like Miro Pajic, Matt Star and Jacob Phono.


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